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Have you been searching for ‘tattoo removal near me’? If you have, You are in the right place! Tattoo removal is safe, effective, and the best way to remove tattoos that don’t fit your lifestyle anymore. Contact us today for more information!

Tattoo Removal Reno

Welcome to Tattoo Removal Reno. Are you experiencing tattoo regret? Does your permanent makeup or eyebrow tattoos not fit in with today’s trends? No matter what the reason is that you do not like your tattoos anymore, we have the best solution for you, laser tattoo removal! In Reno, tattoo removal is quickly becoming the most popular and effective solution for unwanted body art. Our clinic offers the most effective laser tattoo removal Reno has to offer including:

  • Complete Laser Tattoo Removal
  • Laser Tattoo Fading
  • Permanent Makeup/ Eyebrow Tattoo Removal

By using our services, you’ll experience top notch care with unbeatable tattoo removal prices and the most advanced technology in tattoo removal. Our tattoo removal technicians are certified and provide premium tattoo removal services.

About Tattoo Removal Reno

Are you ready for your laser tattoo removal Reno? Tattoos have been around for over five thousand years as a form of art, expression, medicine, punishment, and religious worship. When getting your tattoo, you may have been warned that they are permanent and that it will be a part of you for the rest of your life. But in 1967, all of that changed, when the first laser tattoo removal session occurred. Since then, permanent tattoo removal has become a safe and effective way of removing undesired tattoos.

There are many reasons why you would choose to have your tattoo removed, but at Tattoo Removal Reno, our mission is to remove the tattoos that are holding you back from living your life. Whether the tattoo you want to be removed is from an abusive relationship, the tattoo is embarrassing, or it does not fit your style anymore, our clinic will take care of you. As a popular business here in Reno, we value:

  1. Respect: We respect our clients no matter where life has taken them.
  2. Trust: We trust you, and hope you grow to trust us with your tattoo removal needs.
  3. No Judgement: We offer a judgment free zone. No matter what tattoo you choose to remove, or which ones you keep, you can be sure to feel safe and accepted.
  4. Education: We strive to have the latest education in tattoo removal to ensure that we provide the best service and care.

Are you ready for your Reno tattoo removal? We offer the lowest laser tattoo removal cost, quality service, and the best tattoo removal Reno can offer. Let us help you achieve the results you want!

Why Choose Us?

Tattoo Removal Reno opened over 15 years ago to help make a difference in the community. We understand that some tattoos can bring up bad memories, and we want to help you. As a local, family owned company, we care deeply about:

  1. Comfort: Your comfort is a top priority for us. We offer numbing creams and anesthetics to ensure you are comfortable during your tattoo removal.
  2. Affordability: Tattoo removal can be a big expense for some, which is why we offer the lowest tattoo removal prices Reno offers. We also have payment plans with little to no interest for those who are interested.
  3. Results: You want results. We want to provide those results. We can remove the toughest colors to get out of the skin. Our technology is advanced and effective.
  4. Technique: Our technique has been perfected by our experienced, certified tattoo removal technicians. You can trust us to provide the best tattoo removal service.

Tattoo Removal Reno has been providing Reno with tattoo removal service for over 20 years! We pride ourselves with having a clean, safe office with the best laser tattoo removal technology. Along with removing tattoos, we also offer permanent makeup and eyebrow tattoo removal services. What are you waiting for? Contact us today for your free consultation!

What To Expect

Are you ready for your laser tattoo removal Reno? There’s no need to wait! Here at tattoo removal Reno, we have the latest technology in tattoo removal. PicoSure Laser technology is the most effective and popular technology for tattoo removal.

PicoSure laser technology works by blasting the pigment with high frequency vibrations that shatter the pigment into microscopic pieces. It is most effective because it allows your body to dispose of the pigment better than other technologies. Other laser tattoo technologies use heat, which can be more uncomfortable and may cause scarring. Scarring with PicoSure is rare!

When you arrive at your free consultation, we will go over medical history with you and do an evaluation of the tattoo(s) you want to have removed. We will make our recommendations that include tattoo removal cost and the number of sessions we expect it to take. You will then be able to schedule your first session with our certified tattoo removal technicians.

While preparing for your session, it is best to shave and clean the area. We also highly recommend avoiding lotions, creams, oils, and perfumes. If you are worried about discomfort, it may be beneficial to take Tylenol prior to your appointment. Your session should take about 30 minutes in length.

We offer numbing creams and local anesthetics for your comfort. After your session, you may experience swelling, bruising, blistering, or discomfort. These side effects should subside after a couple of days. We typically schedule sessions at least 6 weeks apart to allow full healing and skin rejuvenation to occur.

Need Tattoo Removal Services?

Our Services

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Complete Laser Tattoo Removal

Complete laser tattoo removal is when we remove the tattoo completely. Most of the time, we are able to get the entire tattoo removed. This is dependent on the size and age of the tattoo as well as the type of ink used. Scarring is very unlikely, however, if you have existing scars, those will still be present. Complete laser tattoo removal is a great option if you want to remove our current tattoo and have no plans to cover it up with new art.

reno tattoo removal

Laser Tattoo Fading

Laser tattoo fading is a procedure where we fade a whole or partial tattoo. This treatment is a great option for you if you plan to cover up your current tattoo with new art. It will allow a cleaner slate to continue with! We can fade the whole tattoo or just a part of it, like a name you want to be covered up, for example. Laser tattoo fading is less expensive and typically takes fewer sessions than complete tattoo removal.

reno eyebrow tattoo removal

Permanent Makeup Removal

Permanent makeup and eyebrow tattoo removal is a great option for you if your previous makeup or eyebrow work has faded, gone out of style, or you are tired of it. While removing face tattoos, we are especially careful because we are working with delicate skin and around the eyes. We get great results from permanent makeup and eyebrow tattoo removal!

About reno

Reno is located in Northwestern Nevada with a population of 260,000 people. Reno is known for its casino district, attracting up to 5 million tourists each year. Reno’s cost of living is on the higher end for Nevada but offers a great, safe place for families to reside. Reno is also home to the National Automobile Museum, the Truckee Riverwalk, Lakeridge Golf Course, Lake Tahoe, and countless casinos, hotels, and spas. Surrounding cities that we service include:

  • Sparks, NV
  • Sun Valley, NV
  • Dayton, NV
  • Washoe Valley, NV
  • Incline Village, NV
  • Kings Beach, NV
  • Verdi, NV
  • Virginia City, NV
  • Crystal Bay, NV
  • Tahoe Vista, CA
  • Many other surrounding areas

Frequently Asked Questions

Is tattoo removal painful?

Tattoo removal has been described as a rubber band snapping repeatedly. Some clients are comfortable without numbing, but some are not. We offer several numbing options for your comfort. It is also beneficial to take Tylenol prior to your appointment.

Tattoo removal Reno, NV cost?

Tattoo removal cost varies by client. Cost varies on the size of the tattoo, the age of the tattoo, and the number of sessions needed to get the results you desire.

How many sessions will I need to have my tattoo removed?

The number of sessions will be dependent on how large your tattoo is, how old it is and if you want it completely removed or faded.

Is there laser tattoo removal near me?

If you reside in Reno, NV or surrounding cities, yes! Contact us today for your free consultation!

Is laser tattoo removal safe?

Yes, according to research, laser tattoo removal is the safest and most effective treatment for unwanted body art.

Does insurance cover laser tattoo removal?

Unfortunately, laser tattoo removal is not covered by insurance because it is considered a cosmetic procedure.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, we offer payment plans for those interested.


“When I was 19, I got a hideous tattoo on a drunk bet. It has been such an embarrassment and sore subject for years. I finally looked into tattoo removal. It was the best thing I have ever done! The procedure was quick, easy, and totally affordable. I am SO thrilled my ugly tattoo is gone! I would recommend Tattoo Removal Reno to anyone who is considering tattoo removal!”

James R.

“The staff at Tattoo Removal Reno is so professional, caring, and helpful. I had so many questions and concerns going into my consultation. They gave me informed answers and calmed my nerves. It makes a huge difference when you are treated with respect and not pressured into treatment. I was able to make an informed decision that would benefit my life the most. Thank you, Tattoo Removal Reno!”

Lydia N.

“I had a tattoo with my ex-girlfriend’s name on it, and I wanted it gone ASAP. It was making it difficult to move on when people kept asking me about it. I looked into Tattoo Removal Reno, and they were affordable, having the lowest tattoo removal cost Reno could offer, and the quality of treatment I received was outstanding! I was able to get my tattoo removed and move on with my life.”

Blaine C.

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Tattoo Removal has quickly risen to be the most popular and effective treatment for unwanted body art. With prices that can’t be beaten, experienced staff that you can’t find anywhere else, and results that are shocking, Tattoo Removal Reno has options for everyone! Our technology is advanced, and our atmosphere is safe and welcoming.

No matter the reason for wanting to remove your tattoo, you will be welcomed with open arms and given the time and respect you deserve. Tattoo Removal Reno has been serving Reno for over 20 years and can get you the results you want! Have you called to schedule your free consultation yet?

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